Question Time: Education, Monday 26 February 2024 with ISL Education Minister Paul Givan answers Members’ questions during Question Time in Plenary on Tuesday 26 February 2024. This coverage is accompanied with ISL interpretation. View a written transcript of the Minister’s responses during Plenary. View a list of the questions put to the Minister.

Members’ Statements 13 February 2024 What are Members’ Statements? If a Member wishes to make a statement in the Assembly Chamber during Plenary, he or she must rise in their place. The Speaker will select a Member to make a statement, which must relate to a topical matter of public interest.

Motion: High Quality Affordable Childcare Motion: High Quality Affordable Childcare Proposed: That this Assembly recognises that the costs of childcare are unaffordable for many and that hard-working families are struggling every month to meet these costs; further recognises that the childcare sector is in need of urgent and significant investment in order to put the sector on a sustainable… Continue Reading Motion: High Quality Affordable Childcare

Ministerial Statement 12 February 2024: Sustainable Investment in Education Infrastructure Minister of Education, Paul Given provides a statement regarding sustainable investment in education infrastructure. Following the Statement, the Minister answered Members’ questions. Read the transcript of the statement and the question and answer session that followed.

Assembly Recall on COVID-19 Issues in Schools on 10 January 2022

Motion for debate “That this Assembly expresses its support for keeping schools open and operating in a manner that is safe for pupils, parents, teachers and staff; further expresses serious concern at the lack of planning by the Minister of Education to ensure the safe reopening of schools in the context of the increased transmissibility… Continue Reading Assembly Recall on COVID-19 Issues in Schools on 10 January 2022