Health Protection Regulations: Tuesday 8 December 2020

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MLAs debate a number of coronavirus related Health Protection Regulations. These include:

These regulations were discussed in one debate which were then voted on and approved at the end of the debate. The regulations concern restrictions involving:

Amendment no. 13 imposes additional requirements in relation to food and drink, new requirements in relation to social distancing and new requirements in relation to large gatherings. They also make consequential amendments to the provisions on offences and penalties and fixed penalty notices.

Amendment no. 14 provides district councils with the power to designate persons to enforce the No. 2 regulations and to issue a “premises improvement notice” where those responsible for premises are in breach of the No. 2 regulations.

Amendment no. 15 provides for the restrictions in Schedule 2 to be extended to the end of Thursday 26 November. They also introduce modifications to some of the restrictions from 20 November.

Amendment no. 16 limits the number of persons at a table in unlicenced premises selling food and drink. 

Amendment no. 4 of the ‘Wearing of Face Coverings’ Regulations provides for a simplified fixed penalty regime whereby the amount of a fixed penalty shall be £200 or, if paid within a period of 14 days of issue of such a notice, £100 and to provide that the recipient of a fixed penalty notice cannot be issued with another one in respect of the same offence.


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