Peter Weir – Education Minister

Peter Weir Education Minister answering questions in the Assembly Chamber

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  1. Good evening I was wandering when you are going to sort out howtheexams arguing to workfor summer 2021 gcse students.yes I 100% agree that exams are the fairer option but under the circumstances find ot very tough on the kids to get ready when the year 12 students are in school then off for isolation as another student has contacted covid.noe 2 weeks is a long time without school and this can happen every other week.i as a parent of a year 12 and a p.7 find it a tad unfair to expect a the kids to work solo for exams remote learning on zoom or goggle classroom isnt any good for what exams you want them all to sit in a few short months time.please think of the kids well being sort the schools first do a half timetable as earlier stated instead and let the kids get the most from school as they can cause this way isnt working teachers and students are getting ill very quickly

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