Understanding suicide and suicidal behaviour in Northern Ireland

Prof Siobhan O’Neill (Ulster)

This presentation delivers key findings from two studies of suicide in Northern Ireland about factors influencing suicide and suicidal behaviour. Included are the findings from data analysis of coronial files on 1,667 suicides and undetermined deaths from 2005-2011; which illustrate how theories relate to suicide prevention in Northern Ireland. Amongst the factors discussed are: characteristics of those who die by suicide; and, the factors associated with the deaths, including means of death, events prior to death and the role of mental and general health disorders. Whilst the links between suicidal behaviour and exposure to the violence associated with the Troubles are examined, the presentation also looks at the other risk factors for suicide, including the psychological and cognitive variables which influence deaths in particular subgroups, including media reporting of suicide, cognitive variables such as entrapment and social perfectionism and the role of alcohol and drugs. The presentation aims to help inform social, health, mental health and other polices that are relevant to suicide prevention.

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