Question Time: Justice Tuesday 27 April 2021

Minister of Justice, Naomi Long answers Members questions on 27 April 2021. 

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Each of the questions answered have been chaptered in the video to help you find them more easily. 


00:00 Children Order Sittings: Backlog 

2. Mr McGlone asked the Minister of Justice what measures are being put in place to address the backlog of Children Order sittings. (AQO 1948/17-22) 

03:54 Victims’ Payments Board: Update 

3. Mr Irwin asked the Minister of Justice for an update on the appointment and work of the Victims’ Payments Board to date. (AQO 1949/17-22) 

13:06 Abuse of Trust Legislation 

4. Mr McAleer asked the Minister of Justice to outline the non-statutory sectors that will come within the scope of abuse of trust legislation following her planned amendment to the Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill. (AQO 1950/17-22) 

17:14 Prisoners: Terrorism Offences 

5. Mr Stalford asked the Minister of Justice how many people convicted of terrorism offences are currently incarcerated in Northern Ireland prisons. (AQO 1951/17-22) 

21:50 Domestic Violence Support Groups 

6. Mr Frew asked the Minister of Justice, given the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, how she plans to assist support groups for victims of domestic violence. (AQO 1952/17-22) 

27:11 Small Claims Courts: Reopening 

7. Mr Clarke asked the Minister of Justice what plans her Department has for the reopening of Small Claims Courts. (AQO 1953/17-22) 

Topical Questions 

29:51 Omagh Bomb: Public Inquiry 

T1. Mr McCrossan asked the Minister of Justice whether she agrees that a public inquiry into the Omagh bomb is absolutely necessary and to outline the conversations that she has had with the Secretary of State, Brandon Lewis, in that regard, given that it has been 22 years since the bomb killed 29 people, including a woman who was pregnant with twins, and the families whose lives were put on hold are still waiting on that much-needed inquiry. (AQT 1241/17-22) 

32:13 PSNI: Additional Funding 

T2. Mr Boylan asked the Minister of Justice for an update on her meeting last week with the British Secretary of State in relation to her request for additional police funding to mitigate ongoing violence against the PSNI from paramilitary groups and crime gangs. (AQT 1242/17-22) 

35:12 Hate Crime Legislation Independent Review: Update 

T3. Ms Kimmins asked the Minister of Justice for an update on her consideration of the hate crime legislation independent review, given that the final report was published almost six months ago. (AQT 1243/17-22) 

39:07 Domestic Abuse Services: CJINI Report 

T4. Mr McGuigan asked the Minister of Justice for her assessment of last week’s Criminal Justice Inspection NI (CJINI) report that criticised the slow progress in implementing recommendations aimed at improving domestic abuse services. (AQT 1244/17-22) 

43:31 In-person Prison Visits 

T5. Mr McHugh asked the Minister of Justice when in-person prison visits will recommence, given that virtual prison visits, while necessary as a temporary measure, are far from ideal. (AQT 1245/17-22)