Question Time: Health Tuesday 23 February 2021

Health Minister Robin Swann answers Members questions in the Assembly Chamber 23 February 2021. Read the Official Report (Hansard) –

Each of the questions answered have been chaptered in the video to help you find them more easily.

Chapters / Questions

00:00 – COVID-19: Deprived Communities

1. Mr G Kelly asked the Minister of Health whether there are any specific public health interventions to address the impact of COVID-19 on the most deprived communities. (AQO 1626/17-22)

08:21 – COVID-19: Childcare Costs

2. Mr K Buchanan asked the Minister of Health when the scheme for reimbursement of additional childcare costs incurred during COVID-19, as detailed in correspondence to healthcare workers on 18 June 2020, will be finalised. (AQO 1627/17-22)

11:21 – COVID-19: Dementia Care

3. Mr McGlone asked the Minister of Health to outline what additional measures his Department is putting in place to ensure those living with dementia are better protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. (AQO 1628/17-22)

17:02 – COVID-19: Outpatient Waiting Lists

4. Mr Harvey asked the Minister of Health for an update on hospital waiting lists for outpatient appointments in view of the redeployment of staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. (AQO 1629/17-22)

26:04 – COVID-19: Vaccine Roll-out

5. Mr Robinson asked the Minister of Health for his assessment of when the majority of Northern Ireland’s population will have received the COVID-19 vaccination. (AQO 1630/17-22)

Topical Questions

30:33 – Community Pharmacies: Funding for 2021-22

T1. Mr Dickson asked the Minister of Health, in light of the fact that he will recognise that community pharmacies across Northern Ireland have been instrumental in the response to COVID — possible only because of the significant additional investment that he identified for that sector in 2021 — to outline the provisions that he has made in his budget for 2021-22 for community pharmacies, given that COVID is still here and community pharmacy teams continue to face many challenges. (AQT 1031/17-22)

34:05 – Mental Health Strategy: Consultation Update

T2. Mr Nesbitt asked the Minister of Health for an update on the mental health strategy consultation. (AQT 1032/17-22)

36:58 – School Staff: Priority Vaccinations

T5. Mr Irwin asked the Minister of Health to outline his plans to vaccinate staff in our schools as a priority, particularly because of the obvious pressures that are mounting around the need to get our children back to the classroom as soon as possible. (AQT 1035/17-22)

39:31 – Addiction Services: Dual Diagnosis Provision

T6. Ms P Bradley asked the Minister of Health for an update on the lack of addiction services in the community, especially for those who have a dual diagnosis. (AQT 1036/17-22)

41:53 – Pupils: Safe Return to School

T7. Mr Newton asked the Minister of Health, following this morning’s debate on the health regulations, when possibly every Member who spoke expressed concern about the mental health of pupils as they return to school, to state whether he is engaging in any specific way on that issue and whether he is prepared to put in place any actions to deliver a safe return. (AQT 1037/17-22)