Motion: Support for the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill [HL] 2019-21 – Tuesday 13 October 2020

MLAs Joanne Bunting, Gordon Dunne and Paul Givan propose a motion that the Assembly notes Anti-Slavery Day 2020 which seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking, calls for consideration of further support for victims of trafficking beyond the end of the support provided under the National Referral Mechanism and calls on the UK Parliament to pass the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill [HL] 2019-21 which would give confirmed victims of trafficking who find themselves in Northern Ireland, leave to remain for twelve months following the National Referral Mechanism so that they can receive the support they need to recover from their ordeal, and to make it possible for them to think about giving evidence against their traffickers in court, something that is essential to reverse the low conviction rates for traffickers.