Environmental Health of South Down Beaches

MLAs debated a motion on the Environmental Health of South Down Beaches on Tuesday 20th October 2015.

Chris Hazzard MLA had this to say:

“Tourism is a big thing, and it will be the real driver of change for the south Down and Lecale area. However, if we do not give tourism the building blocks, we are simply operating with our hands tied behind our backs. How will we attract tourists to absolutely stunning places? Ballyhornan is stunning, and there is such potential in Kilclief and Killough, yet we are saying to tourists to come along, but, when you get into the water, you might have to watch out for sanitary towels. It is simply not acceptable, and we should not be doing that. If it is not good enough for people in north Down, it should not be good enough for people in south Down. For local businesses and everybody else, the importance of this cannot be overstated. For far too long, it has been a case of out of sight, out of mind when it comes to the beaches in south Down, particularly in Lecale. ”

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