Committee for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Meeting Thursday 6 January 2022

The Committee met on Thursday 06 January 2022. The Committee received written briefings on the following:

  • SL1 The Environment (2021 Act) (Commencement Order (NI) 2022
  • SL1 Marine Protected Areas (Prohibition of Fishing Methods) Regulations (NI) 2022
  • SR 346: The Direct Payments to Farmers (Review of Decisions) Regulations (NI) 2021

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme Order (Amendments)

The Committee also received Clerk’s Written Briefings on the following:

  • Plan for Common Frameworks Scrutiny
  • Environment Strategy
  • Energy Strategy
  • Forward Work Plan Key Dates
  • Responses to Ports Investigation Recommendations

The Committee went into closed session for informal deliberations on the Climate Change No.2 Bill.