Matter of the Day – Death of Jo Cox MP

On Monday 20th June 2016 the Plenary began with tributes from the Speaker and MLAs to Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed in her constituency in West Yorkshire on Thursday 16th June 2016. You can read the full transcript in the Official Report (Hansard).

Committee for Social Development – 19 November 2015

The Committee were briefed on the Housing (Amendment) Bill by the Department for Social Development. The Committee also heard from the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations and Triangle Housing Association in relation to the Houses in Multiple Occupation Bill. View the agenda Read the Minutes of Proceedings

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Marriage Equality Debate – 2 November 2015

On Monday 2 November 2015 MLAs debated the cross party Private Members Business on Marriage Equality. The motion debated was “That this Assembly calls on the Executive to table legislation to allow for same-sex marriage.” You can read the full transcript on the Official Report (Hansard):

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