A Snapshot of Democracy Chapter 4

This video aims to demystify the world of politics and encourage young people to see the relevance in their own lives of some of the decisions that are being made at Parliament Buildings.
The video, aimed at Post-Primary pupils, has been designed to support the Northern Ireland Curriculum in the area of Learning for Life and Work, specifically democracy and active participation.
The video is presented in four “bite-sized” chapters opening with an introduction to democracy, then moving on to explore how the Assembly works, making laws and how to get involved.
The Assembly is investigated from the perspective of a 16 year-old girl called Carla, who asks questions about how the democratic institutions operate in Northern Ireland. Carla enquires about key issues like democracy, free speech, committees, the Executive, MLAs and their roles, Ministers and getting involved.

Teacher notes for the DVD can be foundon our Education website.