Appointment of Chairpersons and deputy Chairpersons for the Committees

The Speaker asked the nominating officer of each political party, in the order required by the formula contained in Standing Order 48, to select an available Statutory Committee and nominate a person who is a member of his or her party and a Member of the Assembly to be the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson.

The Speaker received notification from the nominating officer of the Social Democratic and Labour Party advising me that Mr Alex Attwood will serve as nominating officer for the party for the remainder of today’s business.

The parties were reminded of the requirement of Standing Order 48(5) that nominating officers shall prefer Committees in which they do not have a party interest over those in which they do. The Speaker stated “for the avoidance of doubt, that means I will expect parties to refrain, as far as possible, from selecting Committees that coincide with the ministerial offices held by their party”.

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